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Minor Prophets: Major Messages

Epilogue: A Summary of the Four Chapters of Jonah

The following summaries are drawn from and expand on the outline given in Summary Exposition of the Prophets and Psalms.

Chapter One

Those who were of the Jewish nation were commanded to teach the Word to the nations round about, but they would not, and thus they kept the Word among themselves alone.

Because of this decision, knowledges began to perish with them, and yet they lived unconcernedly.

The nations round about them perceived that the state of the Jewish church was perverted because of the loss of knowledges among the Jews, and that the Jews were unwilling to impart any knowledge to people outside their own church.

The nations were shown that they should reject the falsified things of the Jewish nation so that they might be saved.

They prayed unto the Lord for salvation, which was effected for them, when the falsities from the Jewish nation had been removed.

Chapter Two

This chapter deals with the prophecy concerning the Lordís combats with the hells, concerning His most grievous temptations at the time, and concerning His state at the time; "the three days and nights during which Jonah was in the bowels of the fish" signify the entire duration of His combat with the hells.

Chapter Three

The nations, hearing from the Word of God about their sins, and that they would perish, were converted after repenting, and were heard by the Lord, and saved.

Chapter Four

The Jewish nation became very angry at the salvation of the gentile nations. Jonah sitting on the east side of the city awaiting Ninevehís destruction represents this anger. He enjoyed the shade of the gourd for a brief time. A worm came and destroyed the gourd. A vehement east wind blew upon him. He felt faint from the sun on his head. Jonahís anger at his inconvenience made him chose death over seeing Nineveh saved. To help him see the good of the Lordís work, Jonah was asked several questions by the Lord. These questions did not help Jonah repent. He remained very angry regarding Ninevehís repentance and the Lordís salvation of gentile nations.

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