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Epilogue: A Summary of the Book of Zephaniah

Chapter One

The Lord will come and gather together His church. Why is this gathering necessary?

  1. The knowledge and truth of the former churches had perished.
  2. Their doctrines perished because people loved falsities, and in the course of time, the worship of the Lord became ritualistic and empty of genuine emotional love for the Lord.
  3. With the absence of the Lord in their hearts, the Word was adulterated, and those who willfully adulterated the truths of the Word chose hell in their minds and hearts.
  4. The wayward condition of the church emptied the rich storehouse of spiritual truth. The proud and self-serving people within the church plundered and emptied out the goods and truths of the Lord.
  5. The Lord sent the message that a day of judgment was at hand. His word to the church was clear. The defilers would not continue to preserve their seats of prominence. Their day was at hand. The cleansing of the church would happen. Who would overturn the ways of the evil? The Lord strong and mighty. The Lord mighty in battle.

Chapter Two

With the certainty of judgment at hand, those who have not completely hardened their hearts need to be converted. Why? If the Lordís warning is not heeded, the evil will perish. Does the Lord want anyone to be destroyed? No. The Lord wants all to be saved. The evil will be the ones who cast themselves out of the Divine sphere. They falsified the knowledges of truth by means of reasoning and knowledge. Those who actively worked to destroy the church will utterly perish.

Some will listen. Some will be converted. The work of the faithful remnant is at hand.

Chapter Three

The Lord will come to investigate the condition of the church. The perverted doctrine of truth and good will be seen and thoroughly exposed. Nothing will escape His cleansing work.

The new church will be made up of those who love and acknowledge the Lord. When the faithful emerge, they will be forgiven for any transgressions committed against the Lord. The faithful will be humble, and they will trust in the name of the Lord. They will have a new song to sing. Their hands will be strengthened. Feebleness will be taken away. Gladness and joy will lift the hearts of the faithful. Songs will be sung telling of the Lordís might and power.

With the influence of the evil cast out of the defiled church, the purity of the Lordís New Church will return. The Lord will be returned to the midst of the new church. Barrenness will give way to productiveness. In place of hopelessness, there will be exhilarating confidence and assurance.

"Then there will be a new church of those who will acknowledge the Lord, and He will remove evils and falsities from themÖ" (P&P)

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